Sunday, October 4, 2009

I think I have spotted the theme for the next campaign's Conservative commercials

You have to wonder just how much taxpayer money went into putting this stunt together. From Taber's dependably useless column (MEIB):
The usually gala-shy Prime Minister Stephen Harper surprised and wowed party-goers at the National Arts Centre Saturday night by taking the stage, playing piano and singing The Beatles hit, With A Little Help From My Friends. He was accompanied by renowned cellist Yo Yo Ma. A Beatles fan, his singling voice was strong. Dressed casually in a dark blazer and dark shirt, he kept the tune but couldn't hit the high notes. He left those to the band that was also playing along with him. The Prime Minister received a standing ovation. (sic)
I wonder if the ovation was courtesy of the same staffers that protested in favour of prorogation.

At least he was dependably hypocritical:
Last year at this time, Mr. Harper pooh-poohed galas, saying they were for the elites. Tonight was a totally different story. The NAC gala, which Laureen Harper chairs, helps raise money for youth and the arts. Can an election be far off?


Update CTV video now posted above. First clip surfaced on YouTube earlier.

Really? Almost immediately, a clip of the performance was on Youtube.

This will be even more annoying than the sweater vest theme. They didn't have much choice after the dud that was Operation Nanook. I certainly hope that, once the commercials air, no one asks for an audit of how the taxpayers and the
NAC gala, which Laureen Harper chairs, helps raise money for youth and the arts.
were re-compensed for this campaign material.
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