Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where there is smoke...

Bumped so more people are aware of the poll.

There is likely a scandal. A scandal so large it will make Mulroney look like a strong candidate for Ethics Commissioner.

that from Andrew Coyne no less.

The focus to date has been on the crass electioneering by the Conservatives using Government resources and programs. If they believe that taxpayer funded programs are fair game then what about the funds themselves? They have been ceded a clean slate thus far. But if you feel the public's money is their own, what is to prevent them from skimming some off for their own purposes?

It may be for personal use or to help offset an unsupportable cost structure within the party. Given the Conservative disdain for propriety, graft will surely follow. It may be derived from a slice carved directly off the stimulus program. It may have come from encouragement not to stand in the way of foreign acquisition of Nortel assets or from a pending sale of AECL.

The big question is; when will the revelations surface? You can state your guess in the poll on the left.

In the words of Jasper Friendly Bear: "Stay Calm, Be Brave, Wait for the Signs"

*I like referring to it thus, despite the non-traditional reference, since it will tie the dirt to him
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Anonymous said...

Jaysus, we're going to need a Truth & Reconciliation Commission by the time the Harpercrites are finished with Canada's total re-branding of what democracy used to be.