Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Putting two and two together

Last night I was a bit skeptical as to any connection between the song Harpoid chose for Saturday's musical tour de force and an attempt to frame Harper as pro-torture:
Trying to tar Ignatieff with the torture brush is to be expected. But this is such a convoluted way to get the message out I wouldn't give it a second of consideration if she wasn't referring to HE Who Must Be Obeyed.
But then I read this morning Impolitical's excellently titled post dissecting the timing of the gala in the context of a possible election call.
The first weekend of a fall election campaign could very well have been kicked off with the Harper piano playing gambit.
This would have tied in to a series of attack ads on the torture theme. Playing to a Rovian theme of attacking an opponents strengths this might very well have been the plan.

There has been a lot of sad irony in the dark Harper years. Having to live through a campaign depicting Harper as a humanitarian champion would have been a bitter pill to swallow. Not the bitterest. That will follow if he gets a majority.
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