Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to make your name in journalism

As a follow-up to my previous post, it occurred to me this morning, while waiting for the espresso machine to warm up, that the strengthening Conservative popularity presents a great opportunity for a journalist looking to establish their career. The Conservative can of worms would make for good fishing.

The manifold inadequacies of the current government provide a wide field of opportunities for enterprising reporters. While most of the media has been excited to focus on piano solos, imminent elections, internal party strife and poll gyrations; the government has been getting a free pass on real issues. Whether this is due to latent conservatism or laziness of the media is unclear. But someone could develop a bumper crop of stories from the scandal seed inventory of Chalk River, economic mismanagement, secretive stimulus programs, Afghan prisoner treatment or other disasters.

After a pretty easy ride for the past four years the media focus is bound to shift to the Conservative incompetence. There are signs of an incipient turn around. A smart reporter gets ahead of the curve. It won't be easy. That is the entire point of the PMO media control. But just reporters made a meal ticket out of Airbus, Adscam, the Pacific Scandal and Munsinger, so will a smart reporter.

It is just late night idle speculation but I wonder who it will be?
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AnnieS said...

The inadequacy of the press is scandalous and maddening. I watch politics like some people watch baseball and during question period the lies and weasel lies flow out of the conservative mouths and all the press focuses on is the leader of the opposition.