Monday, October 26, 2009

The pervasive Conservative internet presence

I signed on to Progressive Bloggers this morning to see what witty and insightful things had been posted and one of the first I saw was this one by Big City Lib posted at 7:34 A. M. Good point says I. So I continue on to the comments. At 8:26 A. M., Canadian Sense left a rambling very partisan comment. This isn't too surprising in itself since this person often "contributes" to the discussions in the comments sections of significant progressive bloggers.

Canadian Sense also had a rapid fire response to a post by Calgary Grit. Given the time lag between posting to a blog and it showing up on an aggergator, the alacrity of these rebuttals is amazing. It leads me to wonder if Canadian Sense and other similar commenter's are Conservative Party operatives scanning the internet for disagreeable posts and randomly generating Harper Talking Points to clog up the comments sections. While they rarely if ever make a coherent telling point, these commenters do get in the way of the conversation. THat is likely the entire point of their comments.

It would be a lousy job and a poor use of Party funds but this would explain the phenomenom of the Conservative Commenter Brigade.

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Anonymous said...

I pass by the 'Canadian Sense' comments. Tiresome and they don't have the back-up for their name. (Con-bots?) LK

Anonymous said...

He links via an email account, which means the posts are sent to him or he's tracking.

Mark Francis said...

I've been offered work (unpaid) by two political parties doing this -- neither where the Cons. No further comment. Of course they do it. But it's more likely people like CS are just dedicated partisans.

CS shows up at BCL a lot. A very pervasive troll, CS nevertheless is not a good one.

You have to ask yourself, if a person came in and read the thread looking to be convinced of something, what would the average swing voter think of CS, arguing in favour of government only dealing with government MPs?

The best trolls look favourable to those they criticize, or present something which devastates the blogs pov. CS is obviously partisan, and desn't present anything other than obviously partisan argument.

sassy said...

CS tramps a lot .