Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Brooks Brothers Riot and those Conservative staffers at Rideau Hall

For those of you not familiar with the Brooks Brothers Riot; during the 2000 U.S. Presidential election re-count process, a "spontaneous" demonstration occurred outside of a courtroom to try and stop a re-count that would likely have handed the election to Al Gore. These demonstrators were subsequently identified as being Republican staffers.

Fast forward to Ottawa on Thursday and The KD was the first of many commentators to point out that the people gathered to support the P.M.'s move to prorogue are Conservative staffer (My highlight in bold):
"10:17:04 AM
And he’s coming out! Or - people are coming out, anyway. Not sure if the PM is among them. Also, a tip to those organizing nonpartisan grassroots demonstrations: most of us who work on the Hill can recognize Conservative staffers - even when they’re all decked out like ordinary Canadians."
So once again, Toom Tabard has nothing of his own to offer. He is faced with a crisis and his reflex response to copy tactics pioneered by Karl Rove.

I wonder how many of the Anti-Coalition rallies are predominated by Conservative staffers? Since the Pro-Coalition parties are skint we can be fairly confident that the turnout is made up of true supporters.Recommend this Post


Anonymous said...

If someone could get a shot of the "protesters" outside of rideau hall, and then identify them individually and distribute the image with them labelled it would do a lot to put question in the legitimacy of the "pro-conservative" rallies.

Constant Vigilance said...

You are correct. This is how the Brooks Brothers riot was confirmed to be a farce.