Thursday, December 18, 2008

Read Impolitical today.

First condoning torture in Afghanistan, now they are aping the Bush tactics by ignoring our legal rights.

Oppose these authoritarian wannabe dictators. Never stop till they have seen the inside of a cell.

I am supposed to be on a blog-rogation and things like this come up. If they keep it up I might really start to dislike HarProrogue.Recommend this Post


sassy said...

Where will "HE" get his inspiration after Jan 20, 2009?

supposed to be on a blog-rogation
OOOKKK - who's waxing the skis?

Constant Vigilance said...

"HE" certainly ain't waxing my skis.

I sure there is inspiration aplenty for him in the history books. Stalin, comes to mind.

I did leave myself an out, in that I said I would post if the Conservatives did something egregiously bad or stupid. I guess I kind of guaranteed that I would be posting before January, didn't I.

Impolitical said...

thanks for that...i was out christmas shopping for most of the night...:) on a bit of a HarProrogue myself.

they've put an end to it now, agreeing to stop as soon as they were caught. tells you something in and of itself. more in the a.m. on the blog.

sassy said...

ITQ weighs in.