Friday, December 5, 2008

A reasssuring article on the prorogation decision

I'm not ready to do a Eugene Forsey impersonation but I have been learning a lot the constitution and the intricate details about the functions of the Governor General over the last eight days. But there is still lots to learn.

After reading this article, I think that the G.G. may have demonstrated stick handling skills worthy of having her named to Team Canada for 2010. Preserving the legitimacy of her office under the pressure of a prime ministerial forecheck.
"Whatever it is that Governor-General Michaƫlle Jean told Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Rideau Hall yesterday, it does not set a precedent that will let future prime ministers escape censure by willy-nilly shutting down Parliament.

Constitutional conventions and precedents don't tie the hands of governors-general and the application of what's known as their reserve powers in the same way that, for example, they steer judicial decisions, according to constitutional scholars."...

"The key point is that whatever Ms. Jean did yesterday won't tie the hands of future governors-general or unleash future prime ministers to run over Parliament with their boots.

The reserve powers - the powers that may be exercised by the governor-general without the approval of another branch of government - are undefined and will never be defined, Prof. Smith said."...

"With Ms. Jean's decision yesterday, said Prof. Franks, a leading scholar on parliamentary procedure, "while this might be a guide for future governors-general, it won't be a precedent.""

I say we see how well she skates and put her on a line with Iggy. Not that one. This one. Maybe Crosby on the wing. Not that one. This one. Maybe they will put in a performance worthy for inclusion in Harper's hockey history book. He will have lots of time to write it after he gets his butt kicked in March.
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