Friday, December 5, 2008

Two things for Friday afternoon

First thing.
This is what Mr. Dion should have said to Stephen Moore of CTV on that fateful night during the election: "If my mother had wheels she would be a tractor" - Gilles Duceppe after being asked a silly question about a possible future Conservative budget. Perhaps we could begin to heal some of the wounds Harper has inflicted on the ROC's relationship with Quebec by letting them know that most of us would vote for him if he led the Liberals.

Second thing
The danger for the Conservatives is that they are now holding the bag of stuff responsible dog owners pick up. They have limited ways to respond to the rapidly expanding crisis now that the house is prorogued. The poor bench strength of the Conservative caucus matches the lack of experience and ability of their leader. The are an entire rack of Toom Tabards.

If you want to have a sound bite way to bring this home to family and friends, print off this post by Impolitical and show it to them.
"The gossip is that the senior congressional players, faced with intense domestic policy pressures, didn't want to meet with Canadians who had no auto industry ideas to bring to the table. It is astounding that Canadian ministers would visit Washington with nothing to discuss, but the apparent hubris demonstrated during the visit belies the Harper government's entire response to the economic crisis-—it is all someone else's problem and they are just disinterested observers. (emphasis added)
This brings home the point that they do not have a clue as to what to do.Recommend this Post

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