Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To use the words of Buzz Lightyear


Of the themes on Progressive Bloggers today there are two that I would like to address. The first identifies, correctly I believe, Harper's real intent with his current strategy and the eventual outcome. The second has to do with concerns on the effect the coalition will have on the Liberals fortunes in Alberta.

Harper's "strategy"
Boris at The Galloping Beaver and YappaDingDing outline how Harper appears to willing to destroy the entire country rather than face the inevitable.

"So perhaps we see a strategy emerge. Harper knows his goose is cooked as nearly every constitutional expert agrees that the Governor General will not decide in his favour. So, he does two things. One, he wraps himself in the last refuge of scoundrels desperately hoping something will come of it. And two, he engages in a fighting withdrawal, poisoning wells and salting the earth with inflammatory, populist and worst-order nationalist rhetoric and outright lies. If Harper can't have the country, he will leave it a mess for his successor."
"The common theme of Harper's PR campaign seems to be: I will prevail or I will tear the country apart trying. Or more accurately: I have lost and so I will make an unholy mess as they drag me out the door."

I don't disagree with what they have to say. I just want to strike a note of reassurance as we move into difficult times.

Canada will survive this. This is the best country in the world. It is the third oldest democracy in the world. We have survived two World Wars and several other conflicts, Depressions, two separation referendums, the FLQ/War Measures Act, the Upper Canada Rebellion and Mulroney. Harper is dangerous. No doubt about it. But in the end he will be defeated and we can reorient ourselves onto the path of being a leader in the world.

This is our time to take up the torch of Canadian history. We must not lose heart.

Loss of Liberal support in Alberta
Who are we kidding. There isn't much to lose. We are starting at ground zero anyways. The best we can do is provide good governemnt and build our grassroots support. That is what Liberal 308 is for.Recommend this Post

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