Friday, December 5, 2008

Fool you once; shame on Harper...

Fool you this often, it's time to look at a career change.

Don Martin
December 04, 2008
"But here’s hoping a different political animal returns in late January. There are tentative, subject-to-change signals that Harper got the message. He stepped into a sudden hailstorm at Rideau Hall as a changed man from the confrontational stance he adopted in a national television address the night before."
November 30, 2008
"So what we're seeing now is the end of that fearless bravado that Harper personified with such aloof ease."
October 09, 2008
"The bigger question is how the Conservative response fits with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s efforts to tame his hard-nosed cold-hearted image with sweaters and baby hugs."

You get the idea. As Bugs Bunny would say after he tricked Yosemite Sam once again: "What a maroon". He isn't going to change. He will put out treacly videos if that fits the persuasion matrix the database spits out but that is just velvet on the iron fist.

Perhaps it isn't fair to pick on Mr. Martin. It's just that his blog is the easiest to search. The Globe, The Star and every other paper seems to have a Charlie Brown pundit or two who is more than willing to believe that this time Steven "Lucy Van Buren" Harper won't pull the football away. That the smile isn't forced and insincere. That the kind words and pat on the back aren't lining Canadians up for a knife between the shoulders.

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Beijing York said...

Just like Bush changed his colours once he saw how hated he was.

These pundits are delusional or deliberate PR hacks for the Conservatives. They said the bloody same thing at the start of the 39th Parliament ("moderate"), during the election ("kinder, gentler") and the start of this latest Parliament ("humbled, reaching out to the opposition"). Yeah, right!

Constant Vigilance said...

Good comparison. As I posted last week, I expect that Harper's trajectory will be like Bush's only he will gain less elevation and the downslope will be steeper.