Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Comments on Stephen Harper on The National last night

I wish I knew how to make a Youtube and/or the CBC did quick transcripts because there were a lot of interesting points last night. Peter Mansbridge did a good job. He was much more direct that in past interviews. Another sign that he has worn out his media welcome. This created HarProrogue a lot of discomfort and he got testy more than once.

I tried transcribing on the fly but I was abysmal at it. So what follows is the gist of the conversation:

On confidence votes:
Mansbridge quoted from a speech Harper gave on September 17 in which Harper stated the importance of maintaining the confidence of the House through a vote. Mansbridge pressed him on how Harper ran away. The wee man didn't have an answer.

On the Political party subsidy
He stated that the vote subsidy and other poison pills did not, in his opinion, spark the crisis. So much for that talking point come January 27. This was not a reason for the crisis. Harper was asked in three different ways. And he gave the same answer. Maybe he didn't understand the question. Can he have a do over.

Why did the Coalition arise? There was a conspiracy. Harper the conspiracy theorist.

On the Liberal Party
The Liberal Party has a long tradition of governing and appealing to a wide spread of hte Canadian people. Sounds like an endorsement to me.

On empathy

He failed that part big time.
I'm not sure how easy it is to pick up a plant.

If the Liberal Party wants my recommendation (as if), they would save this for future commercials.Recommend this Post


Brad Dillman said...

Actually, I think it was very generous of Mr. Harper to say the poison pills were not the reason for the crisis. Think about it, carefully. The story has always been about the dishonesty and arrogant lack of response to the economy.

Again, think about it carefully - it would be weak and disgustingly partisan if the opposition would go to these lengths if it were merely about party funding.

IMHO, Mr. Harper is finally telling the truth - and I would hold him to those quotes.

sassy said...

Links to the interview (same thing, just different formats)

and here

Constant Vigilance said...

Hi Brad,

I agree he is finally telling the truth. I think by holding him to those quotes we neutralize the narrative that the Opposition was only interested in saving their skin. A plus.

Thnaks for the clips Sassy. Now I have to figure out the Youtube thing.

Have a great evening guys.

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Brad Dillman said...

BTW, parts 3 and 4 are up. Not sure if I've got enough for a part 5. Maybe.