Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Canada's future as a Parliamentary democracy hangs in the balance

Not by the possibility of a coalition. There is ample evidence that Harper should be put to the fate he deserves.

The threat to our democracy lies in the campaign to rile up temporary and ill-informed public opinion to pressure the G.G. to ignore the strong precedents to have him removed from office. Or, as Andrew Steele points out here, he might try and have Jean removed from office if she doesn't quail before his demands.

Parliamentary government runs on rules, laws and precedents. If Harper is able to ramp up the public opinion against what is a constitutionally valid path for the Oppositiont to take, what else can he run roughshod over? His authoritarian streak will be unleashed.

This is not just a Canadian crisis. Mr. Steele's article, along with several others cited today (check comments in the ITQ post here) point out that Parliamentary precedents can be applied to other countries following the Westminster traditions. Austrailian precedents can be applied to Canada, British ones to Austrailia, Canadain ones to New Zealand.

The G.G., the Queen (if need be) and all of our institutions must stand their ground.Recommend this Post

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