Sunday, December 7, 2008

My endorsement for Liberal leader

Since the game to move the decision forward is afoot it is time to get off the fence. I am for Bob Rae. I will try to be succinct. All three are fine men and we are lucky to have people of this calibre willing to take on the task. In the end, as with many important decisions, I had to distill the various factors down to make a choice.
In short form here is the reasoning behind the pick.
Dominic LeBlanc - He is part of the bright future of leadership for the Party. But given his lack of experience and the tradition of alternating between francophone and anglophone leaders, this run was worthwhile for future positioning.
Michael Ignatieff - I overcame my earlier concerns based on his Iraq comments. His sincere expression of a change of mind based on new information and his associated sincere contrition was impressive. I appreciate his tendency to reflect on issues and his thoughtfulness. But in the final result, this can be a fatal political flaw. It was the Dion's tardiness in fighting back against the Conservative attacks that did him in. Once he joined the fight he was more effective. Part of the wariness on Ignatieff's part during this past week is telling. I am concerned that he will be too slow to fight back at the critical times. This is part of the make up of two fine men but it isn't a characteristic of the leader we need right now. Which brings us to Rae.
Bob Rae
While it is obvious that his strong advocacy for the Coalition is partly motivated by considerations of the benefit for his leadership campaign at least he has seen the opening and actively taken it on. He has been willing to take a stand while Ignatieff has equivocated.

At the right time it is important to be able to fight with passion. I wish I could find a Youtube of a speech Trudeau gave during the last referendum campaign. He was willing to fight with naked passion. This is what will inspire people to get out and vote and that is the key to winning.

Regardless of who wins, he will enjoy my full support.

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Beijing York said...

Bob Rae's commitment to the coalition has won him my respect, and I suspect that of many NDP supporters. With him at the helm, I can see to possible outcomes come late January. Harper loses the confidence of the HoC and the GG offers the coalition an opportunity to govern. Or Harper loses the confidence of the HoC and the GG agrees to drop an election writ.

Personally the first scenario is preferable and with Rae at the helm, he would have proven himself invested in forming a responsible coalition and would have had plenty of practice speaking to Canadians of their strength.

But should it end up with an election, I think Rae is much more capable of applying the principles of coalition to the election campaign and thus limiting vote splitting.

Finally, it seems like some heavy hitting Liberals in my province are behind Rae. If he has support in Prairie provinces, that will be a very important factor given how Harper purposely fueled divisions in our country.

Interesting, wv = chess.

Paul said...

Rae's support for the Coalition is timely and necessary. This will not help him with the shadowy figures that run the Liberal Party and who would prefer Ignatieff.

Here is what Rae had to say in Winnipeg on Saturday. While he didn't shy away from questions about the leadership race, it was obvious he was there to promote the coalition.

janfromthebruce said...

I am an NDP member and obvious supporter who totally supports the coalition govt.
I see supposed "progressive liberal MPs" from BC getting weak kneed and publicly backing away from the coalition. Unbelievable as this could mean that they end up supporting Harper and propping up that right-wing govt. What are they willing to sellout? - workers' rights, women's equity pay, real jobs, social programs, and the list goes on.
So many folks came out to support the coalition and the imagination of bringing a different parties together who represent disparate groups and factions of Canadians society who finally felt that - yes we Can...ada.
It disappoints me that the Liberal elite are so willing to sideline the coalition after only one week. Beyond Bob and his faction, the rest are just looking after themselves and still in the dream world that Liberals are the natural governing party. Harper will eat them.