Saturday, December 13, 2008

If Paul Wells keeps this up

he may want to join ProgBloggers.

Here are some quotes that illustrate why he is paid to write and I have to look at rocks.
By late August he was furious to discover that Parliament was dysfunctional, in the manner of a man who pees on the floor and then complains the carpet is damp.

The whole point of the fall election, we were told, was to give Harper some “open water” to govern without having to worry the opposition would do anything nasty, such as opposing him. The whole point. Certainty vs. chaos. Steady hand vs. the deluge. The voters granted him, for the second time, the awesome gift of power; he used it to steer a straight line away from open water into chaos and deluge, like some mad Ahab of parliamentary mischief.
HarProrogue supporters will claim he is a Liberal stooge. I think he has had several cutting remarks for the Opposition parties. This is just another sign that the media has started to run out of slack to cut him.Recommend this Post

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