Monday, December 1, 2008

I agree with POGGE on this on (and other observations)

I was just thinking through a post in this vein when a read this one on POGGE. In my case it was prompted by a caller to Cross Country Check-Up who made the point that Harper always seems work things up to a crisis state and that this is another case of it. And I thought: "Disaster Federalism". Not that this is part of his plan but that this is how he will try and extricate himself.

From In and Out to Cadman to voter suppression to interview traps with the help of his pet network, he has never thought that the rules apply to him. Now that he is cornered why should we expect that he will live by Parliamentary conventions. The point of the weekend talking points may not be to delegitimize the coalition on the basis of fact but to lay the groundwork for a pre-text to set a new more authoritarian precedent. This may be part of the reasoning for releasing the tape of the NDP and Bloc " conspiring to overthrow the government. The strategies of the Coalition should take this into account. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain by painting the Coalition partners as traitors.

As far as the concerns, real or perceived, of the leadership candidates of having Dion as P.M., they are valid. I say this as a Dion supporter who has not yet identified a candidate to support. Furthermore, I say this with the faith that he is just the man for the current job. There are very few people who would be able to juggle the needs of his new cabinet and he is one of them. If he becomes P. M. his caucus support will increase radically. Even as the head of a Coalition he will be able to dispense favours that no one else can. Power is a very powerful magent for support. Dion as P. M. will pull the rug out from them in a big way. Ignatieff has the most to lose of all of them. This will be a key problem in holding the Coalition together.Recommend this Post

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