Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another facet of Harper's likely strategy is unearthed

From Canadian Cynic*, we see an angle Harper may actually have been looking for from prorogation. Not a chance for his government to survive but an opportunity to have it fall. (The key part is a P.S. so it might have taken a while to sink it for them too.)

"P.S. Maybe after the prorogation, Harper will simply call a snap election. And given the precedent she's already set, Jean will have no choice but to agree to that as well. Apparently, the word "no" simply isn't in her vocabulary."

As I said earlier today, he is aching for an election and this may be his angle to get one.

Tid Bit: In the comments there were several people who had good points as to why we shouldn't be too quick to demonize Jean. A sample:
"I don't think that's fair, though, CC. I think Ed Broadbent is right -- this is entirely at Harper's door, for putting Jean in an impossible position. Prorogation has never been refused before, and she herself would be setting a precedent and possibly setting off a different constitutional crisis by disagreeing to prorogation.

It's Harper himself who has created this impossible either/or for her, and has set out on a destructive path.

All I could think yesterday, about Jean, was "she's going to be vilified and demonized no matter what she decides." So perhaps it's "our side" that's going to vilify her instead of "their side." But I'd rather vilify the creator of the crisis than the woman whose choice was absolutely impossible."

It is a mess but it just one more we will have to clean up after we get rid of these clowns.

Update: The upcoming ad blitz will have nothing to do with the budget. It will be another fiercer bout of pre-writ advertizing and it will be based on painting the Opposition as undemocratic. Ironic isn't it. Harper is going to campaign by portraying himself as the defender of democracy so he get get a majority and be a dictator.

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