Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today's baby step to redemption

Sam Turton of The Guelph Mercury.

Go read this article outlining the nature of HarProrogue

You know the typical story. The bully elbows another kid in the head, but instead of taking the abuse, the kid fights back.

The scrap is stopped by the teacher. The bully lies, saying it's the other kid's fault. The teacher ducks responsibility and reprimands them both. The bully wins and the good kid learns that it's easier to take abuse than to stand up for what is right.

Canadians, let's cut the crap. In the recent government crisis, Stephen Harper threw the first elbow and the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois stood up and fought back.

Harper started it and he deserves to be punished. Zero tolerance for bullies in my Canada.

And a point form explanation of how Parliament works:

Fact No. 1: Harper's Conservatives failed to win a majority mandate.

Fact No. 2: The opposition, duly elected by Canadians, are in the majority.

Fact No. 3: In order for a minority government to do the country's business and pass legislation, they must co-operate with the majority opposition.

Fact No. 4: If the minority government fails to co-operate and is defeated, we have an election or the Governor General asks the opposition to form a government.

(I would have reversed the order of that last point).

More clarification for those who fall for the Conserva-spin:

This is the no-spin reality. The Conservatives are duty bound to govern this country in co-operation with the opposition.

Instead of upholding this solemn trust, Harper dared the opposition to force another election by introducing right-wing measures that would undermine them -- and the country. He proposed to eliminate subsidy support for political parties and the right to strike for public-sector workers.

Worst of all, in a worldwide crisis, he failed to introduce economic stimulus that the G20 are insisting on.

Would you bow down to a proposal that would weaken party democracy, worker's rights, and the entire economy? Would you throw the country into another indecisive, expensive election? Or would you be brave, throw partisan divisions aside, and co-operate with other opposition members to band together and get the work done?

It is strong. It is concise. It lays Harper and his nature bare. Support writers pointing out the danger of Harper by going to the article. Email it to a friend. Post it on a board at work. Get the word out.
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Beijing York said...

Thanks for flagging that. I posted it to my Face Book profile. It goes well with my current avatar, a pack of rats cornered :-)

Constant Vigilance said...

You are welcome.

As to the post I mentioned in the earlier comment thread, it isn't so much as a bloc as it is that there is so much to write about that editing is hard. Especially since there are so many charged words in it.