Thursday, December 4, 2008

Very interest theme in the post meeting press conference

From The KD's last few Liveblogging posts (My highlights in bold. Typos in the quotes are hers but be kind her fingers were freezing!):

11:52:00 AM
... and he confirms that the GG has agreed to prorogue Parliament. He says that last Friday, he asked Canadians to give their feedback - and they did. When the House cvmes back, the budget will be the first order of business.

He won’t tell us about his chat with the GG, and once again says that Canadians want to make the economy their priority.

11:56:14 AM
Hail? Seriously?

Does he keep saying that it’s up to three parties to work together? Does that mean he’s officially denounced the parliamentary presence of the Bloc?


12:01:50 PM
... Is he really just launching into an election campaign? The PM denies that his government uses public resources on an election campaign - that’s a very strict rule - and says he’ll be concentrating primarily on the budget. He hopes the opposition parties will do the same - and he makes a not so veiled reference to some opposition members who would rather work *with* the government on the economy.

Oh, except the Bloc. The Bloc aren’t interested in working on the economy - there is a “fundamental difference.” The othr three parties have “very different responsibilities.”

12:08:11 PM
More going after the Bloc - boy, it’s going to be embarrassing if he ends up needing their votes to support his government at budget time - and then the same answer in French - at least, I’m assuming it was, I’m sure if not, it will be noted - before Dimitri puts all of us out of our hypothermic misery and prorogues the press conference. Which ITQ entirely supports, given the grave temperature crisis that we face.

If she is right on the antipathy to the Bloc it exposes his strategy. So much for Mr. Conciliatory. He has been busy playing 3D Vulcan chess again. He is going to use the prorogation period to demonize the Bloc and thereby Quebec as an intro to an election. He will try and use the latent fissures in the country to get a majority from the Quebec haters in the base. If you are a Conservative MP from Quebec, Harper has just thrown you under the campaign bus so that he can try and wipe out the other parties in the ROC on his path to a majority.

He loves to campaign and hates having to actually govern without a majority. This is what the 3 poison pills were about. He expected them to bring about another election. He never expected the Coalition business.This forced him to back away from that. For now. Enjoy your Christmas because in January it is game on.

The answer is to get the Canadians who do not hate Quebec to stand up to him and vote.Recommend this Post


Beijing York said...

This kills me: that’s a very strict rule. Yup, a strict rule unlike the "constitutional niceties" that provide the GG with the option to ask the opposition to form a coalition government when the HoC has lost confidence.

He really is a piece of work. He's a liar, bully and coward. He has absolutely no respect for rule of law or Canadians.

Constant Vigilance said...

I was naive enough to think we had him cornered. But everyone who is not a Conservative is about to get covered with puffin poop.