Monday, December 8, 2008

Blue Sweater Vest Award - Conservative insider talks sedition

First off, why quote Gerry Chipeur without a rebuttal? He is a Conservative insider often tied to Republican and evangelical causes in the U.S. There are numerous credible sources for information that would contribute to the understanding of this problem. Barbara Yaffe should be ashamed for allowing him to spout off with this errant nonsense.

Second, This comment sounds a lot like sedition to me:
The Harper Conservatives could be within their rights to defy the governor-general if she asked the Liberal-NDP coalition to form a government in the new year, a constitutional lawyer warns.

Gerry Chipeur, the Alberta lawyer who crafted a proposal for the Canadian Alliance and Bloc Quebecois to work together in Parliament in 2000, said Gov.-Gen. Michaelle Jean would break constitutional convention were she to allow the coalition, supported by the Bloc Quebecois, to take power if they defeat the government's budget.

Chipeur's argument foreshadows a possibly drastic response from the Conservatives should they be turfed from power.

He suggests that Conservatives may not readily accept the governor-general's decision should she refuse the prime minister's request for an election.

I am not a lawyer but I would be very interested to hear if this is grounds for disbarment. If so, are there any progressive lawyers, Albertan or otherwise, willing to take up the fight?Recommend this Post


catnip said...

I think his wording is vague enough i.e. "could", "possibly" etc that he can get away with it on legal grounds.

As for the substance, Con supporters need to realize (or perhaps they already do) that Steve's lust for power is so enormous that he might resort to such measures. I say: just let him try.ap

Beijing York said...

Quite frightening isn't it. I hear that Tom Flanagan was also flapping his lips again, and Blogging Tories Stephen Taylor has been hired by McLean's.

Looks like the closet Ministers of Propaganda are out in full force.

Constant Vigilance said...

I believe you mean Ministers of Truth. I re-read 1984 a little while ago and Orwell was very prescient.

BTW, Do you have any juicy quotes along the lines of Bloc equal traitor?