Saturday, December 6, 2008

Quick hits on the GG decision and future moves by the Coalition

On the Thursday edition of "Politics" on, Don Newman interviewed University of Ottawa Law Professor Ed Ratushny. The shows seem to only be available for a week so there is a time limit to being able to see this clip. It starts at 1:07 hours in.

Dr. Ratushny had reassuring comments that the prorogation decision does not set a precedent. This is in addition to the Michael Valpy article in the Globe today. It appears she did a good job under the circumstances. He points out that by granting the prorogation now, it gives her firmer ground to refuse his requests later.

He also made a point of saying that he didn't understand why the Coalition laid all their cards on the table in advance. He pointed out that it wasn't necessary. They could have made their play after the defeat of the Conservatives. They may have had their reasons but as someone who sincerely hopes they achieve their goals, I hope they don't do this in January.Recommend this Post

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