Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Disaster Federalism - Epilogue (I hope)

Anyone who followed my series on disaster federalism knew that I was very concerned that Harper and the neo-cons (sounds like the name of a punk band) were going to use the economic crisis as a pretext to tear down the public infrastructure of Canadian society. As recently as this weekend, I posted on my concerns that he would find a way to use the Coalition movement as an excuse to do his hatchet work.

But tonight I feel that the gloom has lifted somewhat and there is a much stronger chance we will avoid this fate. Primarily through the efforts of Dion, Layton, Duceppe and other patriots and abetted by Harper's apparently maladroit handling of the affair it looks like Canada leads a truly blessed existence. Where other, less fortunate countries have fallen into the abyss, we seem to have been saved at the last minute.

If this Coalition can form a government and survive long enough for the Conservatives to purge themselves of the Harper clones, Fundamentalists and Reformers it could be the salvation of Canada. And if word gets out, as it always seems to, that Harper's plans did indeed entail some form of Friedman style economic terror then Dion et al. may be remembered as the saviours of Canada.Recommend this Post

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