Monday, November 24, 2008

Are those drums I hear in the distance?

Sometimes it is the sub-headline that is the most interesting. Take this Hill Times piece as an example.


Most Tories happy with Harper's 'even keel' leadership and his message discipline

Seems like all is well in Con-ada. but then is smaller font:


But some Conservatives say if Stephen Harper doesn't win a majority next time, it's time to go.

""Harper led the Conservative Party in the last two elections and before that led the Alliance Party [in the 2004 election]. After the next election, if we again end up with a minority, I think that should be it. He should leave after that and let someone else take over. I have no doubt that Harper is a smart, intelligent leader but if we don't win a majority next time, he should step aside," said one Conservative delegate, who requested anonymity at the policy convention. "

As much as I despise anonymous Liberal insiders, I love to hear from Conservative ones.

Update: Impolitical covers this as well and has quotes from a further article.Recommend this Post

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