Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blue Sweater Vest Of The Day

Barbara Yaffe.

She pick a bad time for a puff piece based on these "thoughts" (My highlights in bold):

"As his government prepares to table a critical fiscal update today, Stephen Harper is looking as though he has come into his prime.

The PM, fresh from a second election win last month, has been confronting the challenge of a Canadian recession and looming deficits with a surprising air of maturity and confidence. "

(How do you reconcile this with his inaction on the whole recession file thing there, Barb?(

"The new image is in sharp contrast to Harper's past political demeanour, widely criticized as petty, nasty and excessively partisan."..."

(And just how is a gambit aimed at gutting the opposition not petty, nasty and excessively partisan?)

"But the fiscal crisis has well-served him in another way. It has forced his government to abandon policy matters that were divisive: cuts to culture funding, proposals to incarcerate 14-year-old offenders, withdrawing support from Vancouver's Insite program." ...

(What evidence do you have that he has abandoned these wedge issues?)

"The Harper team is well-suited to an exclusive economic preoccupation. Its economic ministers -- caucus members such as Jim Flaherty, Tony Clement and Jim Prentice -- are among his strongest performers.

(To be fair it is a relative statement. More a comment on the capacity of the other mouth breathers in his caucus.)

"Flaherty in particular has put in a strong performance since the October election."

Come again?

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