Thursday, November 6, 2008

Suppress the vote (7) - Enemy Action

"Once is happenstance Twice is coincidence. Three times, it's enemy action".

Goldfinger, said by the character Auric Goldfinger.

In an earlier post I laid out the effect of voter suppression on the Liberal result in Kitchener-Waterloo. Yesterday, I asked people to send in any ridings in which they may have thought the same effect was occurring. Since I am too impatient to wait, I came up with a few more. To save space, I have condensed the key results for each electoral district onto a single graph.

Here they are (click on the graphs to enlarge them):

Liberal incumbent Omar Alghabra lost by 239 votes to Bob Dechert who was in for his third go-round. In this race a 6.7% drop in the overall vote led to a 12.3 drop in the Liberal vote. The Conservative vote changes by +1.2 or pretty much flat.
Brampton West
Andrew Kania, running in place of the retiring Colleen Beaumier, won by 123 votes over Kyle Seeback. Here a -5% drop in voter turn-out resulted in a -22.7% drop in Liberal support. The Conservative support rose 5.8%.

North Vancouver
Incumbent Liberal Don Bell lost to Andrew Saxton by 2819 votes.The 3.7% drop in turn-out is matched by a 15.2 % drop in Liberal support. A 10.5% rise in Conservative vote indicates that there was also some effective campaigning on a local level as well.
I was surprised to notice the extent to which there NDP gains or losses were at the expense or loss of the Greens rather than the Liberals. Perhaps a party that is fairly chuffed with their results in the last election might want to look at actual vote totals rather than the misleading popular vote percentages.

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