Saturday, November 29, 2008

On western based protest parties

As a native born Calgarian, I have noticed that as a whole, westerners can tend to be big time whiners. This tendency to feel put upon and carry a grudge explains the predilection for protest parties. Since the power centres have historically been in the earlier settled eastern cities; attacks against Toronto and Montreal have always been popular.

Let me give you an example of western whining.

As a blogger, I have noticed that Far and Wide, Impolitical and other eastern bloggers always get to the juicy stories a couple of hours earlier than I can. This is UNFAIR! I PROTEST!

I demand that on weekdays the government postpone posting to blogs by easterners by two hours so I have an equal shot at the news. And on weekends, they can't post anything till 11:00 AM EST so I can sleep in and make my latte' (of course I drink them) before going to the computer.

If they won't it is another sign that Canada doesn't work and the federal government operates with a Central Canadian bias! I will be forced to form a protest party. As soon as I can think of a catchy name. The party Preston Manning started has used up so many of the available ones.Recommend this Post


Skinny Dipper said...

How about we move the International Date Line between Manitoba and Ontario. That way, you will be a day ahead. Better yet, Canada could be like China and share one common time zone. Just which one?

Constant Vigilance said...

There you go again using that darn Canadian accommodation tactic.

Glad to see someone appreciated an attempt at satire enough to comment. I thought a bit of humour might lighten up the mood since there are so many big events going on.

Impolitical said...

foiled! you've uncovered my ongoing plan to tick off the west...:)

Constant Vigilance said...

Actually even easterners are welcome in my party. I will have beer and chips. Or maybe pinot and brie. It will be decided at the first convention.