Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Taking the hint

When I read pieces like this, I get the feeling that if the Liberals choose someone approved by the inner circle of pundits, the tone of coverage will change. I realize it is not in a "real" newspaper' but Lawrence Martin also gets published in the G&M.

The Liberals will magically be seen as a cohesive force ready to govern. All of their troubles will become trivial and easily resolved. The autocratic tendencies and bullying tactics of Harper will be seen as less the mark of a brilliant tactician with a clear vision and more the sign of a dangerous ideologue who must be replaced.

The bright side is that it will help rid us of Harper et. al. The dark side is that the electorate will not be given an unfiltered view of who their potential leaders truly are. This will lead to a continued erosion in the faith in our government.Recommend this Post

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