Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday night ode to The Freedom Highway

After the historic event that transpired this week what else could it be but a tribute to the struggle that culminated in the prize Mr. Obama won on Tuesday.

Enjoy the weekend. Here is to our belief of hope in our future.Recommend this Post


sassy said...

Good choice for a tribute, the visuals sure make me realize how much the world has (so far) changed in my lifetime.

I spoke with my 98 year old grandmother last night about President-Elect Obama. Her take on it was - "I suppose it's a good idea"

This from a woman who was wooed over to Canada from eastern Europe by a sweet letter writing suitor (my late grandfather) who wrote "Life in good in Canada, woman only have to work in the fields about 8 hours a day and the rest of the time they can spend working in the gardens and around the house"

Constant Vigilance said...

Thanks Sassy.

It is heartening to think, that when looked at over a longer period of time, society tends to progress forward.

It is our job to help keep it moving in that direction.