Thursday, November 20, 2008

Harper is the bull, Canada is the china shop - Disaster federalism 3

In earlier posts in this series, I outlined how Harper was seeking to manufacture the setting necessary to allow him to dismantle the Canada state.

Today Impolitical reads between the lines to identify one of their first targets; the CBC.

"The economic crisis in the world at large and the Conservatives' own fiscal mismanagement brought to us by Deficit Jim, however, should not mean it's open season on the Conservatives' favourite targets."

As is usually the case, the entire post is great reading.

Theses fools are anything but opaque. And just like a communist pushing to put the last five year plan in place as the rest of the world is watching the Wall come down. Harper is intent on ripping the Canada we have invested years in developing down as their dogma of deregulation and tax cuts has been proven to be a disaster around the world.Recommend this Post


Beijing York said...

With the Liberals stating that they will work with Harper and support the Throne Speech, this certainly does spell disaster for many Crown assets.

Obvious targets: AECL, CWB, CBC

Other possible targets: Canada Post and VIA Rail

Once the assets are privatized, there really is no turning back unless Canada manages to produce a future Hugo Chavez.

In Manitoba, people were thoroughly pissed off that the Conservatives sold off MTS. We now have had 3 consecutive NDP governments and never was the notion of taking back MTS as a public good ever considered.

Constant Vigilance said...

Thanks for the comment.

I agree. I am truly afraid that the country my children will inherit will be a shadow of the one I had the privilege to be born in.

It is a cause of great sadness for me.