Thursday, November 27, 2008

A sign Harper is on the downslope of his media trajectory

While I believe the overall trend on MacLean's is quite right wing, I do not believe this applies to Paul Wells (or his Blackberry adroit colleague, Kady O' Malley). He crucifies members of every party equally.

But his latest blog post (Harper’s new tack: change you can’t believe in) is a great example of a subtle phenomenon that occurs when a political personality has reached his best before date. You start to see unflattering images of him/her in the press and highly critical editorials written about him (granted as Mr. Wells points out in the comments this is akin to an earlier post he has written but the tenor is a smidge different).

You can bet the Harpoids aren't happy about that photo. And the descriptions he uses! Lord a goshen, it is almost like he thinks Steve is an incompetent. There are too many body slams to make it worth while to extract quotes.

Key an eye on this. It may be a sign that the defunding gambit marked the apogee of the media love affair with Harper.

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