Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Great opportunity to change the narrative

"Opposition MPs, including Liberals who have worked on justice issues, say they would plunge the country into another federal election before agreeing to a slate of Conservative proposals that would see convicted criminals treated more harshly."

Good. Good.

"The Conservatives are not backing down from threats to make the measures matters of confidence."


The Liberals should follow through. Let the NDP cave from here on in. The only way to stop a cycle of bullying in to stand up to it.

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Jaytoo said...

Good. Good. As long as they really are willing to force an election or cobble together an alternative government.

The NDP will not "cave from here on in." I've seen several Libloggers hold this up as some kind of golden ticket for getting to look like you're opposing Harper without assuming any risk. That's fantasy or projection.

But I applaud you, CV, if what you're saying is this: Liberals should resolve to oppose Harper, straight-up, on principle, without looking to someone else to cover their asses.

Constant Vigilance said...


Thanks for your comment.

You are right to call out people willing to hide behind the skirts of others.

I thought that I had made it clear in previous posts that the Liberals should be willing to accept the risk in seriously opposing Harper. I was mistaken.

I suppose the closest I came to explicitly stating this was with this post:

To be clear. I believe that the the Harper Conservatives are out to eliminate the Liberals from the scene. The only way to survive is to fight and to fight like you mean it. Canadians won't support a Liberal Party that rolls over.

Or it could just be all those times my mum told me about Culloden coming to the surface.