Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Conservative response to the crisis is all about politics

One of the few concrete proposals to emerge from hiding so far is a plan to cut the per vote payment to the political parties.

The official video-stenographer of the Conservative Party has the details:

"Under the new proposal, this is how much the parties stand to lose:

  • Conservatives: $10 million
  • Liberals: $7.7 million
  • NDP: $4.9 million
  • Bloc Quebecois: $2.6 million
  • Green Party: $1.8 million"
This is all about defunding the opposition parties. The Conservatives are flush from the proceeds of fleecing the true blue-lievers $25 at a time. This will have much less of an effect on them than the opposition. So while people are losing their jobs and the economy is tanking all these guys can think about is how to manuevre to solidify their power.

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1 comment:

Beijing York said...

Amazing how petty and vindictive the Harper Conservatives are. As if this has any impact on the coming recession. It's about as useful a policy as having ministers and upper level civil servants cut back on their travel expenses. Big whoop!