Saturday, November 29, 2008

This isn't a strategic retreat

This is full fledged case of RUN AWAY! (No link yet but the Cons have pulled any mention of the political funding from the update - CBC Radio One news at 3 P.M. MST)

Harper just saw the beginnings of a caucus revolt on the horizon.

Update: I meant to add that sending out Baird to announce it is more evidence of how big a coward the Toom Tabard is. Like we need more.Recommend this Post


Skinny Dipper said...

If Canadians support the Liberal/NDP coalition, CFRA radio's Lowell Green will get really angry.

Constant Vigilance said...

Oh Goody.

There are foreheads out here covered in blood from popping vessels. Happy days.

Beijing York said...

Sore losers doesn't even begin to describe it. I woke up happier than I have in years. The only coup involved was the coup de grace that was Messrs. Chretien and Broadbent adding gravitas to plans to form a coalition.

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