Friday, November 21, 2008

Occasional slackness

When I started this blog I expected that I would leaven the political rants with some soul enhancing discussions of entertaining books, music and other fun stuff.

What I have found is that this platform rapidly became entirely focused on promoting progressive ideas. With the exception of the Friday Night Odes, there have been very few instances in which posts on my personal pursuits seem relevant or appropriate.

So in order to scratch this particular itch, I will post material of this nature on a separate blog: "As Canadian As Possible Under The Circumstances". In this way I hope to avoid blocking Progressive Bloggers with irrelevant material.

In the (unlikely) event that readers of this blog have an interest in these more personal thoughts, I have added ACAPUTC to the list of blogs I follow. In this way you can see if that blog has been updated. In the event that posts on ACAPUTC are relevant to BINBNNB, I will cross post them.Recommend this Post

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