Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Deficit Jim and Toom Tabard say it without using the bad words

People around the world have an amazing array of ways to tell people to f**k off without actually using those words. For an example, check out this link.

If you are an emotionally stinted, out of your depth, incompetent economist cum Prime Minister and his stooge you tell people worried about their future to eff off this way.

(My highlights in bold text).

"Canadians will have to wait until the next federal budget before Ottawa delivers what Prime Minister Stephen Harper said could be an "unprecedented" fiscal stimulus package - a delay economists say the country can ill afford."

Why would he wait one wonders. Incompetence perhaps? All the signs are there for a case to be made. Or ideology. for those who have truly pledged their troth to the dogma of Friedman, a calamity is the perfect time to bring about radical change.

"Separately, in Toronto, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty played down expectations that Thursday's economic update will offer much more than a revised outlook for finances.

He acknowledged, however, that Canada could well be in a recession by the end of the next quarter."

Since a recession is defined as 2 quarters of negative economic growth, by the time Deficit Jim and Brainiac Steve pronounce that we are in a recession, Canadians will have been dealing with the effects for at least 6 months. Even longer if you take the view that we are already in one into account.

So while people are looking at financial ruin, the empty coats in Ottawa are either like deer in the headlights of an oncoming economic semi or determined to subject us to an experiment with horrendous consequences.

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