Friday, November 28, 2008

Turnaround is fair play

Lots going on today. So many interesting events have been unfolding very fast. The political permutations are fascinating to say the least. It would seem like too much to ask for a coalition government to replace the Conservatives followed by Harper being turned on like Scar by the hyenas at the end of The Lion King.

Regardless as to whether or not we see such an inspiring ending, the table has turned on Grand Master Stefan Harperov. The benefits of this tactical error include:
  1. The media has turned on him. A quick count of the National Newswatch editorial section puts it at 10 variants of Harper is a tool vs. 2 I love Steve more than evers.
  2. The Opposition has risen off the mat and has seen that like all true bullies, he will back down.
  3. There will be several more cracks between Harper and his caucus and base. These openings can be levered wide open with the right attacks.
They have the go ahead goal. Now is the time to add the insurance marker. A key to the Opposition is to find a strategy to neutralize any counter-attacks based on the premise that the Opposition is only concerned about feeding off the government. Here is my proposal:
  1. Announce an alternative fiscal update based on an active stimulus package comparable to the 2% of GDP recommended by the IMF. Indicate that an incremental stimulus may be added if the Americans have a more lucrative package for their economy. State support for the auto sector contingent on "Greening" the industry. Invest in infrastructure. Make a point of ditching the removal of right to strike and the other hateful componenets of Flaherty's travesty. The key move is to establish the sincerity of the effort to help people.
  2. Make a separate and subsequent announcement that the Coalition agrees with the general concept of the political parties sharing the economic pain but remains committed to federal financing of the parties as the most democratic path to political party funding. Propose that the current $1.95/vote remains in place. To make up the difference, remove the 75% tax credit for political donations. Thanks to Steve V at Far And Wide, we have the latest fundraisng figures. If the tax refund is calculated and annualized, we see that the number is over $30,000,000. Keep in mind this does not include the Bloc, Greens or other parties. This will hurt the Conservatives far more than the other parties and be acceptable to the coalition.

Then sit back and enjoy a serving of cold revenge.Recommend this Post

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