Monday, November 10, 2008

Suppress the Vote - Miscellany (2)

Harper's (hair)doo-doo

In the comments to this post by Jeff Jedras, James Curran starts a discussion of how Harper's hair was grey during the election and has now returned to brown. It is one of those things that is so obvious once it is pointed out. My guess is that it was designed to make Harper look less threatening. Make him seem so kindly that the truth doesn't seem realistic. Give voters less of an incentive to take the conservative pickle out of the electoral Big Mac.

But once it again he has demonstrated that there is nothing real about the image he presents to Canadians. A winning strategy has to involve finding a way to draw out the man he has been so desperate to hide.

I look forward to the contrast between Mr. Harper and Mr. Obama when they are side by side and after they have each addressed the media. The comparisons will not be favourable to the empty coat.

It's all bad

The Scott Ross has an excellent post based on some ongoing digging he has been doing in the Globe and Mail archives. The article is deals with Stalkwell Daze relations with the media back in his wet suit period. This time Teh Scott catches a comment from the Toom Tabard that speaks to his true outlook on dealing with people:
"By picking a fight with the press, it kind of forewarns the public to view some of the media coverage skeptically."

Just as in the election where his goal was to turn off as much of the electorate as possible so he could ride his base of crazies to a win, he doesn't want to face questioning, lay out a platform but would rather soil the entire nest. The quote lays bare his strategy and it seems to be working so far. He is undoubtedly a reasonably intelligent person capable of logical reasoning. Too bad he didn't put those capabilities to work thinking through his dogma. He might have realized how hollow it is.

But then the post by Steve V on the Speaker election got me thinking that showing decorum, being strong and resolute and standing up for Canada in a dignified way would be the most likely way to energize the voting public to get out and vote.

Fight fire with water so to speak.
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penlan said...

About the hair colour. Thanks for mentioning that. Began to think I was imagining things.

Having his hair grey during the election gave Harper the false appearance of wisdom & maturity. Gah! Wonder which colour is his real one.

The mess that Harper has created with the media, for his benefit, is sickening. But the problem lies in the fact that the media, as has been said many times, fawn over Harper, no matter what, in the hopes of a "special" tidbit sent their way to whichever reporter might get "lucky" It's sick & unfair to the public who are being terribly manipulated.

What the answer is I don't know but hope someone comes up with a brilliant idea to counteract Harper's agenda.

And I agree that Harp will look empty standing next to Obama. Harper has no class & it will show & so will his empty, stilted rhetoric.

Constant Vigilance said...


Well said.

I do a lot of thinking about how the cycle of pandering to Harper can be broken.

I doubt if either colour is for real. Looking at the hair it has been primped to death.