Friday, November 21, 2008

David Hein and Homeroutes

My wife, Eternal Vigilance, and I had a wonderful evening of music and socializing at a friends house last night. Our friends hosted a concert by David Hein in their basement through the Home Routes program.

David is a very engaging entertainer who writes amusing songs. My favourite was Victoria which should be on his next album. I missed a bit of his show because I had to pop out to pick up my daughter; Extremely Vigilant so I did miss a few songs. He is also a graphic artist and has a precis of his career in comic form. I strongly recommend you go see him if you get a chance. A neighbour is hosting him at their house next week and we are thinking of going to see him again.

The Home Routes program helps organize just such shows in a circuit throughout Canada. I recommend you look into it if you enjoy live music. The concept is sort of like a standardization if the concept of the traveling minstrels. As a child, my parents had a recent immigrant friend from Scotland perform at our house to establish his musical career. It is great to see other musicians afforded this opportunity.

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