Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today's baby steps towards redemption

Don Martin When Don Martin, one of Harper's BFFs, is laying out in The Reform Daily that Harper is playing the crazies for fools by acting like a Liberal and suppressing their agenda it is a welcome thing.

"This convention seems set to serve as a networking and venting opportunity for the true believers who are, truth be told, the least influential Canadian demographic on this government's agenda-setting."

"There are no rivals on the right and thus little incentive to cater to Conservative diehard demands. Harper has the luxury of taking them for granted."

If the haters that form the backbone of the Conservative Party think he has turned his back on them his retirement party will be reminiscent of Mussolini's

To make it even better, The Star rubs their nose in it here.

When they are reminded that the only way they could give vent to their lunacies was by forming a splinter party,it is a good day.

"Of course, if Harper is too cavalier about ignoring party policy resolutions and going his own way, disgruntled Conservatives could choose to start their own breakaway party. That's what Harper (and others) did in the 1980s in protest over Brian Mulroney's government. The new party was called Reform."

Let us hope for more dissent fomenting editorials, intentional or otherwise.Recommend this Post

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