Monday, November 17, 2008

Why blog ads?

Jeff had a post today in which he relayed a request from Martha Hall Findlay to help the candidates in the last campaign pay off their debts. In the comments it was mentioned that Gerard Kennedy reportedly saw a good response after Jeff's previous appeal.

This got me to thinking as to how else bloggers could help off leadership debts and help Liberal fundraising besides the money they can spare from their weekly expenses. We are heading into a time of year with a lot of demands on the cash we have. People are also going to be very careful with their expenditures in the trying times ahead. I am aware of the incredible return that political donations give at tax but already this week there have also been requests from the United Way and other worthwhile charities.

So in addition to the money I have already committed and the money I will give in the future, I will donate all proceeds from the blog ads to charity. Since this is primarily a political blog, I will start with the Liberal Party and the leadership debts of Dion, Hall-Findlay, Dryden, Kennedy et al. I am under no illusion that this will generate wealth that will banish dreams of a 6/49 jackpot. I doubt if this little blog has enough traffic to do much. But as Ms. Hall-Findlay stated, "$10, $20, $50 --- any donation is greatly appreciated." I figure it is definitely worth a try. Especially since the only organization flush enough to advertise on Canadian political blogs is the Conservative Party, I may actually be able to divert some of the contributions to Harper to the hated Liberals. And I just love the irony in that.

If max out my political donations, I will find other causes to support.

If readers deem my thoughts worthy of reading then the increased traffic might provide more contributions. I was initially against the Adsense idea since I started this as an outlet for the need I had to express myself on the future of Canada and the rest of the world. This seems to me like a good reason to change my mind. At least for long enough to see if it works.

Now if other bloggers, particularly those with an established following were to consider doing this in addition to their actual donations this might actually amount to something.

P.S.: This is in no way meant as an inducement to click on the ads. That is a no-no under the rules.

Update: link to Liberal Party donation page added.Recommend this Post


Elizabeth said...

Thank you! This is what grassroots support is in our time. We all need to use the means we have at our finger tips more often to promote what we believe in.

Constant Vigilance said...

Thanks. I hope this is taken up by more popular bloggers than my self. THat has some real potential to raise money.

We need fresh ideas to re-invigorate the Liberal Party

Anonymous said...

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