Thursday, November 27, 2008

Is Stevie related to Sir Robin?

Norman Spector poses an interesting scenario. (h/t Red Tory)

..."the question must be asked: Is the economic prognosis for Canada so bad that Mr. Harper has concluded that it's better to be in opposition than to be in power with a minority government at this time?"

Seems like the kind of thing a Toom Tabard would do. When you are a Hollow Man, you turn and flee at the first time of real trouble. You preoccupy yourself with petty strategies.rather than face an issue you are not up to.

Time to bring in the grown-ups.

At the very least it is a good excuse for the following. Because I love the sound of Python in the morning.

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Brad Dillman said...

The election reminded me more of Erik the Viking, where the island of Hybrasil (sp?) was sinking because a drop of blood spilled (by accident). The leader denied the island was sinking as the water rose above his knees, etc. "Let's stick the facts, shall we?" [The global economic trouble] "isn't happening. We are NOT SINKING."