Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The long term effects of a Toom Tabard Prime Minister

I am on a course on oil and gas Industry mergers, acquisitions and financings (Bet you're envious) for the rest of this week, so I was expecting it to be very light with regards posting till the weekend. But something was brought up I wanted to share.

The instructor is a very well qualified person from Denver who has worked world-wide on a number of projects such as evaluating oil price and the effect on non-OPEC infrastructure investment for the Saudis. Lots of high level experience.

For an American he does, based on the first morning, a very good job of making the presentations relevant to Canadian audiences. The very first topic was the current crisis we are in and the obstacles the world, in general and Canada in particular will face in getting investment moving again. A specific mention was made of the Halloween Massacre on Halloween 2006 and how this action is seen around the world as an impediment to investment in Canada.

The panicked reaction Harper, Flaherty and the small circle of bureaucrats in on the decision to break their promise on income trusts will have a huge and generally unseen impact on our attempts to recover from this recession.

This is an example of the problem with having a Prime Minister who has no real experience outside of right wing think tanks, political strategy rooms and the House of Commons; a Prime Minister who is so insecure in his abilities (with much to be insecure about) that he will not consult with experts or trust anyone outside of a small circle of toadies.

Canada is an amazing country populated with resourceful people. We will need every gram of this strength to recover from the future shmozzles Harper will inflict on us.Recommend this Post

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