Friday, November 14, 2008

Disaster Federalism (2)

Harper barely gives you a chance to publish a post and ride into work before he gives up more evidence of his total dedication to the dogma of mindless deregulation.

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to join U.S. President George W. Bush in a defence of free-market capitalism and resistance to international calls for dramatic re-regulation of financial markets."

Isn't he the Prime Minister of the country with what are ostensibly the strongest in the world? Hasn't his Finance Minister been telling everyone that this is due to stringent regulation?

"Flaherty maintained Sunday that the Canadian economic outlook remains better than that of most major industrialized countries.

He also repeated assurances that Canadian banks, because of closer regulation and tighter rules governing their capitalization, are better placed to weather the present crisis than their counterparts elsewhere."

But you have to love the headline.

Harper lines up with Bush on reform

The more the image of Harper = Bush gets cemented into the sub-conscious the better.Recommend this Post

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